A Christ centered ministry dedicated to developing prayer in the local church for Pastors and Ministry Leaders.
A Christ centered ministry dedicated to developing local prayer for Pastors and Leaders
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    11/6/15 Pray for a Pastor as he focuses his congregation on Israel.

  11/6/15 Pray for all the Military Chaplains who are in harm's way in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea and around the globe.

  11/6/15 Pray for a pastor who is dealing with Unity Issues at his home church.

  11/3/15 Pray for a Pastor & his wife as they struggle to walk in an Isaiah 43:18 attitude within a church 

  11/2/15 Pray for a Pastor 's son is dealing with major mental issues. 

  11/1/15 Pray for Pastor being held nunder House arrest.

  10/30/15 Pray for our Nation as Pastors face the challenge of of a fallen world

Ephesians 3:20

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