High School Focus

This is a basic model to develop a focused effort to connect with your local schools.  It is intentional left incomplete as your church and schools will have different needs than others.  We encourage you to use, slice, dice, cut & paste, as you need.


Providing the opportunity for young people and their families to find Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by spreading the Gospel through an intentional planned focus on the local High Schools, by God’s Spirit and His people.

God has provided a set place where 5 days a week 2,000+/- students, teachers, admin and staff (representing 2,000+/- families) are located.  

Call First and ask permission -  

1.  Check the School website -  Names, Teachers, Staff, Clubs, Schedules.  (Is there a Christian Club?  Who leads it?)

2. Contact the Principal and ask permission to come on Campus  and prayer.

3.  Ask about their needs and concerns -  everything from Copy paper and pencils to racial tensions.  CONCERNS, avoid BUZZ words like PRAYER REQUEST -  Salt and Light, not scare them off.  (ANd you could even do a CHURCH Fund Raiser or Supply Raiser for that schools needs)

4.  Be polite and be honest, they can handle it.

5.  GREAT TARGET DATE -  Week before School begins, Administration and Teaching Staff are on campus for PRE School year meetings.

.  you can go stealth, after all it is a Public School









Your Local Schools








  1. God
  2. The Church – gathering the Body across denominational boundaries
    1. Senior Pastors – Vision, Direction, Covering Authority & Leadership
    2. High School Pastors – ‘Boots on the Ground’ Leadership
    3. Prayer Teams – Prayer coverage
    4. College Ministry – Prayer, tutoring
    5. Men’s ministry – Prayer, Mentoring, Tutoring
    6. Women’s Ministry - Prayer, Mentoring, Tutoring
    7. Senior Ministry - Prayer, Mentoring, Tutoring
  3. Fellowship of Christian Athletes –
  4. Youth for Christ
  5. Existing Christian Clubs on Campus
  6. Christian Teachers, Principals, Administration Staff and Janitorial Staff, etc.
  7. Retired Christian Teachers, Principals, Administration Staff and Janitorial Staff


  1. ________________________________________________________________


  1. ________________________________________________________________


  1. ________________________________________________________________


  1. ________________________________________________________________



Stratēgos (Gk)


a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal


Continuous, coordinated focus on High Schools that feed into the local Church to win young people and their families for Christ while regaining territory lost to the enemy.








Taktikē (Gk)



The techniques for using weapons or military units in combination for engaging and defeating an enemy in battle.


















  1. Senior Pastor – provide Vision, Direction and Encouragement to the Congregation

      “Pastors on the Premises” http://nppnblog.blogspot.com/2007/07/city-impact-san-berardino-ca-pastors.html


  1. High School Pastors (and/or a Operation Team to facilitate or assist)  – connecting with “Feeder schools” through


    1. Christian Clubs on Campus
    2. Christian Teachers on Campus
    3. Coordinating special events

Ø      Meet us at the Pole

Ø      National Day of Prayer

Ø      CSP DAY - Christian Students Prayer for Teacher/Admin Day


    1. Cooperating in local “Body of Christ” Events

Ø      Christian Concerts using school, church or local facilities (Mt. Helix)

Ø      9/11 Prayer Event

Ø      Election 2008


    1. Continuing to provide ongoing, vibrant “in church” High School Ministry
    2. Disseminating Prayer needs and Physical needs to the Congregation
    3. _______________________________________________________
    4. _______________________________________________________
    5. _______________________________________________________


  1. Prayer Walks on Campus – Every Ministry can participate on site or off.  Quarterly High School Prayer Walk Days - Saturday event (including a simple things like “take a trash bag to clean campus would have big impacts on campuses)
  2. Tutoring – On Campus or Off - Retired Teachers or people with appropriate expertise can volunteer.
  3. Volunteers - people with appropriate expertise can volunteer to act as Counselors, Mediators, Security, Coaches, Scorekeepers, Trainers, and Saturday Campus Clean up days,  (each a workers/helpers with a continual attitude of prayer and missions.)
  4. Giving: Loaves and Fish – The church or individual ministries with in the Church can donate to the High school based on specific needs – Checking with Department Heads or individual Teachers/Coaches – copy paper, Books, magazines, markers, water, sports equipment, grounds clean up, plants, Snack bags at Finals, etc.




Utilize you local Church congregation, neighboring Churches, Local School or District WebPages for resources and information.

Our initial Prayer walks "Kit" included a Campus Map. List of Teachers and Staff, Demographics all obtained from the district WebPages.


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