This is a sample prayer card for our initial prayer walk at Grossmont high School in La Mesa, California.  We included with each packet a Campus Map and list of Teachers, plus a “Basic Guide to Prayer Walking”.  The Map and the Teacher list was public record available on the District WebPages (  Similar Information may be available at your schools WebPages or Offices.


Grossmont High School Prayer Walk


Prayer walk Date

August 6, 2008  - 9:00 AM-11:00 AM

Beginning at Grossmont Baptist Church - Pastor Michael McCassey, Pastor

5651 Water Street, La Mesa, CA 91942     (619) 464-6463 


Grossmont High School - Founded in 1922

1100 Murray Drive, La Mesa, CA 91941  619-668-6000              Grossmont Union High School District (


Theresa Kemper 

Vice Principals:

Dan Barnes, Jeff Meridith, and Maria Vidal 


Math, Science, Social Science, Art, English, Computer, Special Ed., Foreign Language and Physical Ed. 

# of Students:

2487  (2007-08)

# of Teachers:


# of Administration:

57 (including all support staff, janitorial, food services, etc)

Prayer Focus

  1. Every Student to receive a positive opportunity to receive Christ.
  2. Conflict Resolution - for students, Teachers, Vice Principals, Counselors, etc
  3. Pregnancy Program – 2007-08 – 48 unwed mothers from across GUHSD (Grossmont has the District Pregnancy program for the entire district.  Nursery Care to assist girl to graduate High School, plus Mothering skills)
  4. Racial Tension & Violence – verbal confrontations and fights
  5. Social Tension – Demographic come from Affluent Mt. Helix Families to Middle Class to low income class in parts of El Cajon and La Mesa – Haves & Have Nots.
  6. Economic Tension – State Budget Cuts – lost of 3-9 Teachers this year, Classroom size increasing from 34 to 40 students. Sport, Music & Extra-Curricular  Cuts
  7. Alcohol Abuse – Increase number of Alcohol related accidents – Anti Drug/Drinking program “Every 15 minutes” give in Spring Semester
  8. Drug Abuse - Increase number of drug related accidents and arrest on Campus including Sales on Campus by students and non students
  9. Gang Violence – increase Gang pressure - NOT BLATANT - Fights, Confrontation with Teachers and Admin, Tagging as well as Drug and Alcohol abuse.
  10. Peer Pressure – Not a repeat of #5 & #6, PEER PRESSURE is the major cause of many social, emotional, sexual & spiritual problems on Campus.  Kids wanting to fit in; be acceptable or cool often driven by opinion of friends, culture and other students.
  11. Christian Groups on Campus –
    1. Christian Club - meet once a week at lunch. Student driven
    2. FCA – Christian Athletes 2nd year. Student driven

      12.  See attached list for names of teachers from school webpage

Other Thoughts or Insights

Make notes as lead, so after the walk you can debrief and share your insights and thoughts.










(This is a basic form that can be modified and uses for Prayer walks of any type or location depending on need.)